New sounds for the new year

Making faking toying and destroying - searching for the new old sounds assembled from the scrap heap of life



Everything and the Kitchen Sink Joe Strummer Special

Christian and Adam Sewell of Stereo Dynamite Recordings  guest hosted the latest version of the Everything and the Kitchen Sink  Joe Strummer special! Along with host Nikki we talk, blather and yell about the London Calling abum (mostly). Lots of great Clash songs, and I even learned some stuff... go check it out!




Cherry Cola's Wednesday Dec 11th!

Christian and the Hangovers with The House of Haunt ! We're winding up 2014 with this show at Cherry Cola's Rock 'n' Rolla!


Hangovers Thirsty Thursday Deal!

We made a live album this year and we want you to have it! I think it's the coolest thing we've done so far...

So, in the spirit of Black Friday, I've invented Thirsty Thursday- a deal on Cut Loose and Live so you can spend more money on drinks- or whatever you like to spend your money on!

From now until midnight of Cyber Monday (which is kind of a bum name) you can grab Cut Loose and Live from our bandcamp page for a mere $5. You can even gift it to your friends. 



The Church of Tobias Thorn

Where's my head at these days? Spending some time in the Church of Tobias Thorn 



Stay away from Hillbilly Heroin- you can check out the song though...

Stay away from Hillbilly Heroin! Not the song though, of course. Here it is live from 3030-


Dig that? Did you know we put out a live album this year? You can check that out here: Cut Loose and Live! 

Dia De Los Muertos Playlist

Here's a little taste of the Dia De Los Muertos show at the Cadillac Lounge Nov 2nd! 


Finally got the Hangovers playing some Nick Cave-

Took a few years- but I finally broke 'em down and learned some Cave tunes- maybe Iggy next? 



Halloween Weekend!

Our buddies The Howling Bullets are throwing a three day Halloween Bash at the Cadillac Lounge! 

Christian's doing a solo set on Halloween and bringing all the Hangovers for Dia De Los Muertos with Ollie Vee! And the Bullets are on all three nights!  It's gonna get wild! 

Drink specials, costume prizes- You should definitely be there! 



Finally got a little bit of press in T.O.

Thanks to Errol Nazareth - here's some coverage of a 3030 show we did with Alistair Christl